FAIR WORKWEAR | by Carson Company GmbH

The 10 Carson Fair Workwear Standards stand for socially responsible business practices with regard to ethics and the environment. The subjects of these standards such as human rights and sustainability are an important part of our long-term business strategy, especially regarding purchasing and transportation. All our suppliers and their suppliers accept and follow our Fair Workwear Standards. Some of these standards surpass the ILO conventions for ethics and social justice.

  • CFW Standard No 1
    No child labour. Child labour is prohibited, without exceptions.
  • CFW Standard No 2
    No forced labour. Forced labour is prohibited, without exceptions.
  • CFW Standard No 3
    Freedom of collective action. Respect for workers’ collective negotiations and their results.
  • CFW Standard No 4
    Clean and safe work environment. The work conditions in factories must be clean and safe and they must at least conform to the legal requirements.
  • CFW Standard No 5
    No discrimination. There must be no discrimination because of origin, faith, sex or other criteria.
  • CFW Standard No 6
    No mobbing. Molesting or maltreatment is prohibited. Workers must be treated with respect, their dignity must be respected.
  • CFW Standard No 7
    Fair wages and working hours. Wages and working hours must at least conform to legal requirements.
  • CFW Standard No 8
    No corruption. Corruption will not be tolerated. This also applies to blackmail and bribing.
  • CFW Standard No 9
    Responsibility towards the environment. The environmental standards must at least conform to the legal requirements. Environment-friendly technologies should be promoted.
  • CFW Standard No 10
    Skin-friendly fabrics and accessories. Carson Workwear has been certified according to Oeko-Tex 100 by the Hohenstein Institute, test No. 09.0.70196, and thus does not harm the human skin. This certificate also confirms that our products do not contain harmful substances, according to the REACH requirements in a maximum concentration of more than 0,1 % by weight.

All Carson Workwear suppliers and their suppliers pledge to strictly adhere to the 10 CFW Standards now and in future.

Sebastian Schiller
Managing Director | Carson Company GmbH